Small Lapland

Sleddog Adventures and Hiking Tours at Uuejärve

Forest Adventures and Sleddog Cuddles

Duration ~3h

Upon Agreement

55€/adult, 25€/ child (2-15y)

Up to 10 adults, number of children is not limited

✓ Kicksled ride 1-3km
✓ Bonfire and hot tea
✓ Intro to alaskan malamutes, cuddles, petting, photos
✓ Grilling sausages and marshmallows over the campfire
✓ A few professional complementary photos by our photographer

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Forest Adventure and Sleddog Cuddles

What Does the Price Include?
  • Kicksled ride (with lanterns in the evening) through a fairytale forest ca 1km 
  • A warm welcome by Small Laplanders and the dogs
  • Getting to know the dogs and a short overview of the life and origin of alaskan malamutes
  • A chance to cuddle with our friendly sleddogs inside the kennels
  • Bonfire and hot tea
  • Grilling sausages and marshmellows over the campfire
  • Some free time to enjoy nature, bonfire and good company
  • A good opportunity to capture beautiful and original photos
  • Extra: possible to order meals. Check out the menu here: Metsakodumaitsed (Forest Catering)

The package does not include a dog sled ride!
Possible to book a sled dog ride for 75€/ participant.

Lanterns and a bonfire create light, coziness, warmth and mood.

The kick sleds also have seats for children. In the absence of snow, the sledding trip takes place on foot. Please dress warmly and according to the weather. You can take your baby with you in the stroller. The toilet is in a warm building and it is possible to heat food for the babies. If necessary, the children can comfortably change their clothes indoors, stay warm and safe.

To book this package for your private group at another agreed time, send a request to

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Uuejärve Matkapesa, Põhja-Kõrvemaa

Upon Agreement

~ 3h

Group Size

55€/ adult
25€/ child (2-15 y)

Minimum booking 300€
EXTRA: Possible to book a sled dog ride for 75€

According to the weather

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What makes us special?
  • We are hidden deep inside a fairytale forest, only 55km and 40min drive from Tallinn.
  • It is a historical farmstead surrounded by amazing hiking trails and famous routes. The place was first mentioned in the 18th century.
  • We have 7 purebred alaskan malamutes trained as pulling dogs, who can also be petted and played with.
  • In addition to dog sleds, we also have particularly awesome four-wheel carts with comfortable seats that can be pulled by the dogs at any time, even when there is little or no snow.
  • We are the only place in Estonia to offer sled dog rides on safe fat scooters.
With us you will experience
  • Especially lovely fairy-tale hiking trails, fun descents and ascents;
  • A mighty fire pit surrounded by romantic hikers huts;
  • An old barn restored as a cozy photo studio;
  • A warm room, fireplace and, if desired, home-cooked meals;
  • A unique warm health drink of its own brand, prepared in cooperation with local crafters;
  • Homestay option for up to 12 people;
  • A real farmhouse family sauna.

You are always welcome to our little magical world with a big heart.

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Sleddog Cuddles in Small Lapland 55€ Starts From
Sleddog Ride Choose suitable timeslot and select how many rides you want to take. Each ride is 30min. 95€ Starts From
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