Soul & Nature Retreat for Women

Escape the hectic hustle, and join us for an unforgettable all inclusive journey into the heart of Estonia’s pristine nature in Põhja-Kõrvemaa. Picture yourself surrounded by lush forests, healing bog lakes, and the gentle embrace of Mother Earth. And now add the sweetest alaskan malamutes to the picture, dogs who will appreciate your therapy as much as you will appreciate theirs.

What Does the Price Include?

Immerse yourself in moments of serenity as we awaken with the morning sun, greeting the day with invigorating yoga sessions in pure nature. Feel the cool embrace of the lakes and bog pools as we swim in their rejuvenating waters, connecting with nature’s purity and grace.
The food and drinks will be vegetarian using as much local raw materials as possible. The accommodation is in a comfortable house with all necessary amenities, in rooms of 3-4, with a joint bathroom and 2 toilets. It is also possible to take a shower in the sauna house.
We will gather in the farmstead of Uuejärve to spend together 4 days and 3 nights in an all inclusive soul soothing retreat for women. Every day, different amazing people will join us to teach some new skills, give insight, inspire, support and uplift on a journey to a more connected, wholesome, free, integrated, emotionally intelligent and healthy womanhood.
Day 1
Arrival to Small Lapland, the present moment, to nature, unity and freedom.
A hike in the lush forest with or without our mighty furry friends, alaskan malamutes. We will have lunch in nature and enjoy some guided “being present” mindfulness practices.
After dinner, we will gather around the bonfire to enjoy a jamming & singing session using different musical instruments and our voices.
Day 2
Sunrise dip in a beautiful forest lake.
Cooking a meal together with a local forest chef.
Let us get lost in the forest in the best way possible and through finding our way back to the path and a delicious outdoor meal, we will reorganize something important within ourselves too.
In the afternoon, a meditative siesta journey will take us deep within ourselves to find the places that need attention or healing. We will find plants from the forest to help with the process and continue the evening with a purifying and regenerating sauna ritual for a relaxing rebirth.
We will send the day away in the warmth of a fire and if somebody feels that an extra mile is needed to complete the rebirth then walking on hot coals is an option.
Day 3
Sunrise yoga & swimming in a bog lake.
After breakfast, we will head out to the forest to pick some berries, mushrooms and edible plants to prepare a delicious lunch. The rest of the day will be for enjoying freedom, nature, friends, silence, reading, meditating, hiking, running with the dogs, sunbathing, relaxing, etc. Just be.
In the evening, we will unleash our spirits, unveil the goddesses, dance around the bonfire to the beat of the drum, find our own rhythm and movement. It`s a celebration.
Day 4
Morning ritual.
During and after breakfast, we will have a mild retrospective circle to share our experiences, insights and feedback, preparing ourselves slowly for getting back to the civilization.
Back we will go, but something will be different.
The retreat will be available for August and September 2024. To inquire about participating and book, please write to us:

To inquire about and book this package, please send us an e-mail: or use the button below.

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Small Lapland, Uuejärve Matkapesa, Pillapalu Village

Upon agreement

4 days, 3 nights

Group Size
5-10 participants
Or min order price 7200

1200€/ participant
MOP 7200€

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What makes us special?

  • We are hidden deep inside a fairytale forest, only 55km and 40min drive from Tallinn.
  • It is a historical farmstead surrounded by amazing hiking trails and famous routes. The place was first mentioned in the 18th century.
  • We have 6 purebred alaskan malamutes trained as pulling dogs, who can also be petted and played with.
  • In addition to dog sleds, we also have particularly awesome four-wheel carts with comfortable seats that can be pulled by the dogs at any time, even when there is little or no snow.
  • We are the only place in Estonia to offer sled dog rides on safe fat scooters.
  • Especially lovely fairy-tale hiking trails, fun descents and ascents;
  • A mighty fire pit surrounded by romantic hikers huts;
  • An old barn restored as a cozy photo studio;
  • A warm room, fireplace and, if desired, home-cooked meals;
  • A unique warm health drink of its own brand, prepared in cooperation with local crafters;
  • Homestay option for up to 12 people;
  • A real farmhouse family sauna.

You are always welcome to our little magical world with a big heart.

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