Bog & Sauna Package

Let`s immerse ourselves in bog magic and enjoy a relaxing sauna ritual afterwards.

What Does the Price Include?

    • The tour will start from Small Lapland in Uuejärve Hiking Nest through a pristine protected forest and into a picturesque bog in the Kõrvemaa nature protection area. To move around in the wet marshes, we will use special bog shoes.
    • Our tour guide will take you on a beautiful journey with tales and legends about the bog. We`ll learn about the importance of the bog, its` flora, fauna and health benefits.
    • At the end of this nature immersion, delicious lunch is served:

      • vegan pumpkin soup with additions – crunchy meat, pumpkin seeds, roasted onion, greens
      • fresh homemade bread and scones (barley bread) with herbal butter
      • apple soup with vanilla ice cream and crunchy waffles
      • herbal tea
    • Soon after, we invite you to experience a traditional hot (old) sauna with our sauna fairy guiding you through a number of relaxing sauna activities, combining them into an enjoyable sauna ritual that depends a lot on the energy of the group, hence, is never exactly the same for different groups.

“If the sauna is just a bath, then Buckingham Palace is just a house.”
Robert L. Roy

  • During the stay at Small Lapland, you can also meet our sleddogs and take a few pictures in the cozy dog barn photo studio.


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Uuejärve Matkapesa

Small Lapland, Uuejärve Matkapesa, Pillapalu Village

Upon agreement

~ 6h

Group Size
5-10 participants
Or min order price 750

150€/ participant
MOP 750€

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What makes us special?

  • We are hidden deep inside a fairytale forest, only 55km and 40min drive from Tallinn.
  • It is a historical farmstead surrounded by amazing hiking trails and famous routes. The place was first mentioned in the 18th century.
  • We have 6 purebred alaskan malamutes trained as pulling dogs, who can also be petted and played with.
  • In addition to dog sleds, we also have particularly awesome four-wheel carts with comfortable seats that can be pulled by the dogs at any time, even when there is little or no snow.
  • We are the only place in Estonia to offer sled dog rides on safe fat scooters.
  • Especially lovely fairy-tale hiking trails, fun descents and ascents;
  • A mighty fire pit surrounded by romantic hikers huts;
  • An old barn restored as a cozy photo studio;
  • A warm room, fireplace and, if desired, home-cooked meals;
  • A unique warm health drink of its own brand, prepared in cooperation with local crafters;
  • Homestay option for up to 12 people;
  • A real farmhouse family sauna.

You are always welcome to our little magical world with a big heart.

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