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Soomaa National Park, 2-4 Rivers, 1-2 Days, Sauna, Midnight Bog Hike, Outdoor Meals

Level: Easy to Moderate
Duration: 1-2 Days
Time: May to September
Language: English, Estonian
Meeting Point: Upon Agreement
Minimum Age: 12 Years Old

What Does the Price Include?

  • Kayak Trip: 1 day 18km, 2 days – 45km
  • Equipment: kayak, oar, spray skirt, dry suit in colder weather, water shoes
  • Tour Guide
  • Accommodation: with personal sleeping bag at Karuskose forest ranger hut (open space)
  • Sauna by the River
  • Meals:
    • 1. Day Lunch
    • 1. Day Dinner
    • 2. Day Breakfast
    • 2. Day Lunch
  • Kuresoo Bog Hike at Midnight with Lanterns
  • Photos

Group size
5-10 Participants

Free up to 2 Weeks Prior

Prior Experience
None Required

Trained Tour Guide

Group size
5-10 Participants

Free up to 2 Weeks Prior

Prior Experience
None Required

Trained Tour Guide


Soomaa National Park is world famous for its 5th season; however, we believe it to be absolutely magical in every season. Colourful Autumn tours have turned out to be especially beautiful.. even in the rain. We take the most winding river you can imagine and paddle ca 18 km with a cosy lunch break in between. After reaching the most adorable little forest ranger hut at Karuskose, we will light the fireplace, make ourselves at home, heat the sauna and enjoy a cup of coffe or tea. Depending on the group, we decide if the bog hike will be in daylight or mysteriously at midnight with lanterns. There is also a swimming possibility in the bog for the brave ones.

During the evening, we will enjoy hot sauna with dips into the beautiful river, socializing, making and enjoying dinner.

1 Day Soomaa Package will end in the morning after breakfast. 2 day package will take us on the river again to enjoy a little less than 30km of paddling serenity. With a delicious outdoor lunch break of course. The 2 day tour ends at Jõesuu around 17:00 on the second day.

Price and Group Size

Price per participant: 1 day tour – €90; 2 day tour – €130.
Group size 8-10 people or for a smaller group, the minimum price for 1 day is €720, for 2 days €1040.

Time and Duration

May – October
1 day tour – 24h from 10AM to 10AM
2 day tour – from 10AM until ca 5PM the next day
P.S. The tour starts in Soomaa:

Difficulty and Compatibility

The hike is suitable for everyone. Previous kayaking experience is not a must. The tour is 18 – 45 km long. Suitable from the age of 12.

How to Prepare?

Clothing: layered clothing according to the weather and preferably a head covering. Water shoes are provided by us, and in case of colder weather, a dry suit as well.
Other equipment: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, water bottle, sauna clothes and towel
In the evening: sauna drink according to your taste
Sleeping equipment. The hut is a 2 floor open space. Possible to bring your own tent.

Additional information

There are no stupid questions!
Feel free to contact: or +37256664704 (Sirli)