Christmas Photography Sessions

Small Lapland Christmas Studio is ready and waiting for families, couples and friends to enjoy quality time and a fun photo shoot in our wonderful sled dog barn.

Pictures can be taken both with and without sled dogs, both in the barn and in nature!

And most importantly – pictures and videos are taken by the talented Hans Markus Antson!

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Small Lapland
Põhja-Kõrvemaa, Uuejärve Matkapesa

30min 130€ (max 2 adults, 1 children)
60min 190€
60min + video 310€

November: Saturday and Sunday
December: Wednesday and Friday
January: Upon Request

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Your ultimate destination for unforgettable photograph sessions in a winter wonderland! We extend a warm welcome to everyone, whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic experience or a family looking to create lasting memories.

Sled Dogs: You have the unique opportunity to include our friendly sled dogs in your photographs. These lovable companions make your pictures come to life, creating truly heartwarming moments. Our sled dogs are family friendly and their master will be also there to make these experience as smooth as possible.

For those who prefer a more traditional Christmas-themed photoshoot, we offer enchanting setups and props that will make your holiday memories shine. You can choose to take photos in our Christmas studio, with or without the sled dogs.

Dog Owners: If you wish to come to the session with your dog, you are welcome! Please make sure to keep your dog on a leash when moving around in Uuejärve. For female dogs in heat (estrus time), we kindly ask that you leave them at home or in the car.

No of People: Please note that for the best experience, 30-minute sessions are the maximum duration for 2 adults and 1 child. If you have more people in your family or friend group, then book a 60-minute session to ensure ample time for capturing all your special moments.

Inclusive Packages: Our pricing is designed to provide a hassle-free experience. All our packages include not only the photography session but you can also enjoy the Small Lapland scenery and the chance to spend time with our expert sled dogs. Most days, we have a small home cafe open for you and yes, the bathroom is indoors, all warm and snug. We want your stay to be as memorable as your photographs.


Photographer Hans Markus Antson

With years of experience and an eye for the extraordinary, Hans Markus Antson is the creative genius behind our stunning photographs. His dedication to capturing the essence of your experience ensures that your memories are preserved in the most captivating way.

  Hans Markus Antson Photography

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