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Kayak Tours

Kayak Tours

Indietours kayak trips take place on rivers, lakes, the sea, and also on land from summer to summer. Wait, on land and in winter too? That’s right. The longest Shrove Tuesday slide can be experienced with Indietours snow kayaks. We offer kayak trips suitable for every taste and level in the following categories: adventure trips, wandering trips, sea voyages, tidal trips, and snow kayaking.

Sea Voyages

Sea voyages are for those who appreciate expanses. The sea, with its capriciousness, waves, and winds, can offer both the experience of gliding on a mirror-like surface and the excitement of a carousel. Both are powerful and enjoyable. Depending on the type of trip, sea voyages can be suitable for both beginners and experienced kayakers. We organize both one- and two-day sea voyages to the islands of the northern coast, as well as shorter coastal hikes for enjoying the sunset after daily activities.

Where sea voyages take place:

  • To Aegna Island and back
  • The islands of Kolga Bay (Pedassaare, Rohusi, Koipse)
  • Hara Bay (new)
  • Pakri Islands Sunset voyages in Tallinn (from Pirita to Haabneeme)
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Tidal Trips

Wanderer’s tidal trips can be loosely divided into two categories: tranquil wandering trips, organized during Soomaa’s fifth season, and not-so-tranquil, sometimes even a bit wild journeys organized on fast-flowing rivers during the spring floods. This is a brief period in early spring when foaming rivers overflow their banks, and the water volume and flow speed are entirely different from summer or autumn. An adrenaline-filled tidal trip may involve some overturning, but spare clothes and nearby shores quickly solve the issue. Personal skills come in handy, but sometimes even they are not enough. It’s hard to determine why it is that some navigate through a rapid and playful part effortlessly, while a seemingly calm and “simple” section poses a challenge.

Our goal is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the adventurer. This means that if someone does capsize, we are there with both advice and assistance.

Where tidal trips take place:

  • In Soomaa (fifth season, tranquil wandering)
  • On the Pirita River (fast, spring)
  • On the Valgejõgi River (moderately fast, spring)
  • On the Purtse River (very fast, spring)
  • On the Võhandu River (moderately fast, spring)
  • On the Piusa River (dangerously fast, spring)
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Make every moment count!


Wandering trips

Wandering trips are light and accessible water journeys suitable for almost everyone. Wandering means moving for the sake of movement itself, not to reach a destination quickly. During wandering, we encourage seeing and experiencing everything around us without feeling rushed or the need to keep up with someone else’s pace. Wandering trips are also suitable for getting acquainted with kayaking – trying out something new. We move, observe, notice, converse, remain silent, share, grow, and, above all, EXIST, creating new value within ourselves and for ourselves. And when we finally arrive, looking back, we can reflect on how wonderful and uplifting it all was. Or not think at all…

Where wandering trips take place:

  • On the Koiva River (in Latvia)
  • On the rivers of Soomaa (late spring to autumn)
  • On the Valgejõgi River (late spring to autumn)
  • At Äntu Lakes (combined with a walking trip)
  • On the Pirita River (late spring to autumn)
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Adventure Trips

Adventure trips take wanderers to exciting paths where not many hikers venture. Whether it’s the 12 lakes of Southern Estonia connected by jungle-scented streams and rivers or lesser-known stretches of Estonian rivers where a bit of climbing and adventuring is required to complete the journey. Adventure trips are unique and come with varying levels of difficulty. As part of the trips, we also offer exciting additional values such as saunas, food and drinks, swimming, painting, music, etc.

Where adventure trips take place:

  • The 12 lakes of the Kooraste Lake System (planned trips 3-4 times a year or for a minimum of 15 people)
  • On the Piusa River (in spring)
  • On the Elva River (in spring)
  • New rivers (suggest some 😉 )
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