Children's Birthday Package

We offer children’s groups of 10-15 participants a fun outdoor adventure experience with sled dogs and a campfire picnic.

What Does the Price Include?

  • The starting point of the hike is in the parking lot of Kõrvemaa Hiking Centre (Sportland), where our tour guide meets the group with 1-2 sled dogs. This is followed by a 1km walk through a fairy-tale forest to Small Lapland.
  • Arrival and introduction to Small Lapland forest park
  • Getting to know our dogs and talking about the breed, origin and peculiarities
  • The brave ones can enjoy quality time with the sled dogs in their enclosures together with the hiking guide. It is possible to take pictures with the dogs in the beautiful forest enclosures.
  • Bonfire and hot tea (it is possible to order sausages and marshmallows as an additional service). The campfire has plenty of room for games and running around.
  • We also present a cozy dog barn decorated as a photo studio, where you can take pictures and listen to malamute stories in case of strong wind, rain or snow.

It is possible to order sausages and marshmallows for a campfire picnic – 5€ per child.

In the evening at dusk or in the dark, you can also order a slightly mystical forest tour with cute glowing lanterns – 50€.

To book a package, write to us:

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Kõrvemaa Hiking & Skiing Centre Parking Lot

Uuejärve Matkapesa

Upon agreement

~ 2-2,5h (depending on the group size)

Group Size
Up to 15 children


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What makes us special?

  • We are hidden deep inside a fairytale forest, only 55km and 40min drive from Tallinn.
  • It is a historical farmstead surrounded by amazing hiking trails and famous routes. The place was first mentioned in the 18th century.
  • We have 6 purebred alaskan malamutes trained as pulling dogs, who can also be petted and played with.
  • In addition to dog sleds, we also have particularly awesome four-wheel carts with comfortable seats that can be pulled by the dogs at any time, even when there is little or no snow.
  • We are the only place in Estonia to offer sled dog rides on safe fat scooters.
  • Especially lovely fairy-tale hiking trails, fun descents and ascents;
  • A mighty fire pit surrounded by romantic hikers huts;
  • An old barn restored as a cozy photo studio;
  • A warm room, fireplace and, if desired, home-cooked meals;
  • A unique warm health drink of its own brand, prepared in cooperation with local crafters;
  • Homestay option for up to 12 people;
  • A real farmhouse family sauna.

You are always welcome to our little magical world with a big heart.

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